​WOW Classic - Astrologer pvp questions from a new druid

    Dear Classic community. I've afresh adapted to astrologer from mage, not because druids consistently exhausted mages, but for added reasons! Now I acquisition myself at lvl 31 as a night elf beastly and accomplishing a lot of apple pvp.

    So abundant fun! Aboriginal time arena a stealth class, myself and addition astrologer shut down The Charred Vale in Stonetalon for an hour, it was crazily fun. However, I activate a few questions for your accomplished druids out there:

    - Shamans: How do I exhausted them? It seems that even bottom shamans survive accepting "ganked" and just heal, while I can't access them abundant to annihilate them during the buck stun. Any aptitude choises that plan able-bodied adjoin shamans?

    - What about moonglow/NS spec? it should allegedly plan in pvp according to EBN guy. But the Classic Astrologer animosity pvp approach includes beastly allegation in all pvp builds?

    - Will I affliction not rolling tauren for war barge and beneath shaman opponents? I accept consistently played accord and I don't apperceive the band questing routes, also, I adulation alarming up forsaken mages, change my mind.

    Warstomp is nice, so is added contrivance and added stealth levels. This will not end up mattering as abundant as you expect. Engineering grenades can get you breath allowance if you allegation it.

    Moonglow can plan with the appropriate gear, but imo is inferior to beastly for abandoned pvp.

    Re: shamans. Beastly astrologer is missing a lot of account that makes it plan at your level. For example, you don't accept barbaric chaw which is traveling to be your better access ability.

    You aswell apparently don't accept furor, so your access up time if accepting into forms sucks, and you can't allegation or back-bite on demand. I in actuality don't feel like beastly astrologer comes online until the mid to backward 40s. Already you accept furor and accustomed shapeshifter.

    Since you can't blitz them down you accept to outlive them.

    If they're ablution your ambition you can allurement them into ooming by putting up rank 1 rejuvs for them to purge. If you decidedly win the backbone bold you win the fight.

    Enh shaman is appealing accessible to kiting, buy classic wow gold so use that to your advantage to let them beat down to dots.

    To the aloft point on purging, you allegation to try and actualize abundant amplitude to alleviate up with HT instead of regrowth/rejuv. Those will get purged and you will piss through mana.


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