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    Покупал уже раза два,очень оперативно работает горячая линия,все подробно рассказывают и помогают. Спасибо ребята за сайт).
    2019-09-21, 14-17-16 PST
    The first time i used this site, i had a few questions and they responded to them quickly and professionally
    2019-09-21, 14-11-36 PST
    Sophia Smith
    Absolutely amazing service. Would definitely recommend! ^^
    2019-08-07, 14-12-31 PST
    Purchased an account with Bad-el-Kazar worked perfectly without an issue at all will buy from you again!
    2019-07-08, 14-15-35 PST
    Bobby Lee Vandyke
    Excellent service fast and easy. The payment method was strange at first but everything ended up turning out great I bought 2000 chaos orbs on Poe took 7 minutes to be delivered!
    2019-06-10, 08-45-53 PST
    Delivery time was not 2mins to 2 hours like they promised. Took them 24hours+. But I got it and the customer service was great. Thanks IGFANS :)!
    2019-06-09, 19-45-12 PST
    Tom Anderson
    Friendly staff, but slow service leads me look elsewhere.
    2019-06-09, 14-02-44 PST
    melody Miss
    everyone is so friendly and patient to this nerd that don't even know what a game server is they are kind , they are fast and they are professional will buy again and recommend it to everyone
    2019-06-09, 08-01-13 PST
    Jake C Reid
    Legit website, actually do what they promise and they don't rip you off unlike other websites
    2019-06-09, 07-51-38 PST
    Bought smite gems and I got them delivered in 5 minutes super fast very kind thanks 5/5 :).
    2019-06-07, 15-53-21 PST
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