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    Timothy Willard
    Would be nice to be kept up to date with the what part of process you are in. But other than that was pretty fast and an overall good experience. Highly recommended. :)
    2021-10-29, 09-30-00 PST
    Покупал уже раза два,очень оперативно работает горячая линия,все подробно рассказывают и помогают. Спасибо ребята за сайт).
    2019-09-21, 14-17-16 PST
    The first time i used this site, i had a few questions and they responded to them quickly and professionally
    2019-09-21, 14-11-36 PST
    Sophia Smith
    Absolutely amazing service. Would definitely recommend! ^^
    2019-08-07, 14-12-31 PST
    Purchased an account with Bad-el-Kazar worked perfectly without an issue at all will buy from you again!
    2019-07-08, 14-15-35 PST
    Bobby Lee Vandyke
    Excellent service fast and easy. The payment method was strange at first but everything ended up turning out great I bought 2000 chaos orbs on Poe took 7 minutes to be delivered!
    2019-06-10, 08-45-53 PST
    Delivery time was not 2mins to 2 hours like they promised. Took them 24hours+. But I got it and the customer service was great. Thanks IGFANS :)!
    2019-06-09, 19-45-12 PST
    Tom Anderson
    Friendly staff, but slow service leads me look elsewhere.
    2019-06-09, 14-02-44 PST
    melody Miss
    everyone is so friendly and patient to this nerd that don't even know what a game server is they are kind , they are fast and they are professional will buy again and recommend it to everyone
    2019-06-09, 08-01-13 PST
    Jake C Reid
    Legit website, actually do what they promise and they don't rip you off unlike other websites
    2019-06-09, 07-51-38 PST
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