VIP System Instruction

    About VIP Membership: What can you enjoy if you become a VIP Member?

    1.Lowest Price: VIP members can enjoy lifelong VIP discount. 

    2.Better Service: VIP members have the priority to get served fastly. 

    3.One-to-One Service: VIP members can enjoy the One-to-One service. 

    4.Every Dollars you consume,you will get Bonus Points and Experience [EXP] at same time on your member account.

    5.Consumption USD=Bonus Points & EXP. 1USD=10 Point & 10 EXP.

    6.You will get certain free Bonus Points as gift when you reach next VIP Level.

    7.Bonus Points can be used as Cash[Can be used on RAID]: VIP members can use Bonus Points instead of certain Cash to Purchase Products from us. 

    8.Member Discount and Bonus Points can be used at same time while placing an order, which will help you save a lot of money. 

    Join us now: Register Here   Here is the details of our VIP System instruction:
    Membership LevelMember DiscountRequired EXP
    Unregistered0 %0
    VIP 12 %0
    VIP 23 %3000
    VIP 35 %8000
    VIP 46 %15000
    VIP 58 %30000
    VIP 610 %50000
    VIP 712%90000