Tickets on sale for RuneFest 2019 taking place in October


    Jagex, the developer of the game RuneScape has announced the RuneFest 2019 would be launched in October to celebrate RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. The tickets are for sale and running at the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre in Farnborough, Hampshire in England from October 4 to October 5.

    You'll see cosplay, merchandise and developer panels during the event, according to the uniform standards, the price of tickets costing €150 with an advanced price at €135. You have access to the award and "Night Before Party on October 4 and the event itself", even watching RuneFest at home for fans with the tickets.

    Game and news are topics worthy to talk about most, you will get a wide range information and entertainment. You are allowed to start panel sessions with your favourite JMods and content creators, an awesome 200 PC LAN party and goodie bags filled with RuneFest Loot.

    Don't prepare for daily consumables any more, the sponsor will provide all food and drinks during Friday and Saturday, what's more, a massive after-party for all guests will be available in the same way.


    Believe it or not, much surprise and reward are on the way. Shared by Josh Winward, the head of Events at Jagex.

    "There's no better way to connect with the ever-expanding RuneScape community than by bringing everyone together to forge some legendary memories both in person or online. RuneFest at Farnborough provides us with the opportunity to bring more of our living game world of Gielinor to life than ever before, while expanding The Golden Gnome Awards on the first night gives us the perfect chance for our community to shine in the spotlight!"

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