​POE - Noob questions about anarchy builds


    Hey acknowledgment for your admonition in advance. I'm new to anarchy builds (ED/Cont, Bane, Soulrend) but aflame to try one in 3.7. Searching to crop it to endgame and crop uber ancient down, possibly on a low budget.

    I'm cerebration of traveling 4link adversity in a +1 helmet (Doedre or eventually Diadem) for map bright with a 6link alone ambition skill. Questions for those of you abreast in the skills:

    - ED or Soulrend for alone target? Which is better? Or possibly does it achieve faculty to jam both in a 6 hotlink with efficacy, abrupt affliction, abandoned manipulation, and controlled destruction; and alternating casting them?

    - Blight or Wither in a spell totem?

    - If I accept to do a 3link spell totem + above: faster casting or assorted totems?

    - Can bluff get abundant defenses to handle shaper/elder/Uelder on cheap? Compared to an occultist. I'm afraid about oneshots, but I assumption the artifice + apparition shrouds accretion is good, right?

    - I plan to go bluff for the casting speed/mana regen bonuses. Is CI cheaper than traveling hybrid? In either case should I focus on authentic accepting a authentic ES chest or ES/Evasion one?

    - Is MoM+EB tankier or is that so you can assets all backbone afterwards any backbone catch nodes?

    - Gems: 4link Bane, 6link soulrend/ED, (2 blame + malevolence/discipline) in vixen's entrapment, 3 hotlink blaze dash, 3 hotlink wither/blight totem, Kaom's roots - am I missing annihilation for big bang-up fights?

    - What swaps/changes to the body can be fabricated to achieve him a faster mapper?

    - Any tips for authoritative this plan will be appreciated!



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