Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia updates came to an end ahead of Nuclear Winter

    No much explanations that the Fallout 76 Project Paradise event in the patch 9.5 went well since May 20, over one week went by, almost all of players are already accustomed to this release while signified the end of the series of Wild Appalachia. In memory of the event, Bethesda released a report featuring some of the statistics as the forerunner for the next update, Nuclear Winter.

    When exploring West Virginia, you were expected to adapt new contents including Wild Appalachia by providing new quest lines and enjoy the features like vending, machine, the Purveyor, Legendary Exchange Machines and the Brewing system with much bugs fixed. Believe that all of you have already learned how to make our own bathtub moonshine and bucket beer with the help of some deceased university students.

    The end is the other beginning for Bethesda, they are going to keep patches or updates all the time. Wild Appalachia was over ahead of Nuclear Winter which will be the next in slate for the roadmap in 2019 Fallout 76. It is regarded as an opportunity for changing the way players look at Fallout 76.

    Impressed by the data shared by Bethesda and you'll find something interesting.

    The most crafted alcoholic brew was Fermentable Beer, maybe you preferred a bottle of cold brew with all sorts of new beverages to Appalachia, do you want to know how much players produced? Sorry, we don't know.


    The Imposter Sheepsquatch must be threat, luckily the players killed 1,967,657 of them in total. Power Armour is Vault Dwellers' favourite and necessities, among the top 10 C.A.M.P Vendor Items sold, Fusion Core came first with no doubt and the last one is Loose Screws.



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